Wednesday, November 11, 2009

He's making us screwy

Collin, our ornery child, has a new favorite past time: unscrewing everything. The knobs on our kitchen and bathroom cabinets, the ends of the downstairs bathroom's facet handles (yes, I didn't even know they unscrewed either!), bottle lids (soda, water, etc - most of these have been empty and on the counter to be taken to recycling fortunately), lids to his straw cups, shampoo containers, my mascara (not going there...) and really anything and everything that he discovers can be unscrewed.

Today, for the second time in a week, he dumped a full container of seasoning. On Saturday it was the brand new jar of onion powder (which I buy maybe once every couple years!). And today, it was the entire brand new jar of garlic powder (that I bought when I bought the replacement onion powder). And both times, he did it so quick and so sneaky that we didn't even know he had snagged the bottle. How you say? Well, from the evidence, he uses his beloved spiderman ride-on toy (which he drives around the house all day long) to stand on and snatch things at what appears to be lightening speed. Actually, he's smart enough to wait for his brothers to create a diversion... oh, who am I kidding... the kids are in a constant state of creating diversion at our house... we are out numbered and out smarted.

Today when I was washing my hands at the kitchen sink (during dinner prep) and Steve was in the family room with the other two boys, Collin apparently did one of his drive-by crimes. He moved in swiftly on his spidee mobile, powered only by his nimble feet. Set up his positioning and as I turned to wash my hands he hopped off and quickly climbed the seat and grabbed the jar of garlic powder that had been purposely pushed far back on the counter. Quickly and joyfully he unscrewed the bottle and dumped the entire contents on the floor in one large heap. After the deed was done and the thrill had passed, he put the lid back on and gingerly put the now empty bottle back on the counter as if nothing had happened (though not in the original spot). Having fulfilled his unscrew/screw fix for the moment, he hopped on his spidee get away vehicle and disappeared down the hall. At this point the unsuspecting me who was drying off my hands (but still clearly with my back to the scene of the crime), got a whiff of something strong. *Sniff* What's that? *SNIFF, SNIFF* It's really strong. That's weird it smells like garlic. Turning around, *SNIFF*, see source of smell in pile on my floor, "COLLIN GEOFFREY MOORE!!!!"

Seriously, he is making us screwy!

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