Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This just can’t be good sign

This weekend, as we were in the other room trying to get Oliver dressed for trick or treat (yes, it took two of us), Collin tip toed to the computer and apparently bought something*??! When I noticed he was missing and very quiet, I knew he was at the computer in some form. Though this is not an uncommon occurrence (finding Collin in front of the computer in whatever ingenious way he fashioned to get his hands on the mouse and/or keyboard), this is the first time that I have seen a "Thank you for your purchase!" message on the screen in front of Collin... where he sat... with mouse in hand... the mouse that he KNOWS how to use to click with his finger and even how to scroll with the roll thingy (he probably even knows what the actual term for the roll thingy is). And no, unfortunately, that was not a left over message from something Steve or I purchased. For as much as you have to credit him for his command of the computer at such a young age, it frightens us for the future… and our bank account.

Note to self: do not ever save credit card information in accounts on this computer again.

*As it turned out it was just an update/upgrade... but still... I have no idea how he got there and how he managed to click okay. He is, after all, only 26 months old.

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