Monday, January 10, 2011

Trick or Treat

The boys were super heroes again this year. They also all picked their costumes this year, which I thought was pretty cute.

Oliver was Wolverine. I am not sure why he picked this, but he loves his Superhero Squad guys and he's a part of the squad.

Collin was Spiderman. It's the only Super Hero he has really taken to and I think it's because his outfit is red (Collin's favorite color).

Ethan picked Hawkeye. Now, you super hero fans might know who he is, but us novices would not. He's one of the Avengers from the Marvel series (all three boys were actually Avengers - see Steve, I did learn something). As you might guess, there are no costumes for him out there. Enter: Daddy. Daddy found all the pieces, modified them or made them and created Hawkeye. I was a little nervous (okay, a lot) especially when I saw the purple outfit, but it turned out okay. And Ethan was proud. We are certain his reasoning for wanting to be him was the bow and arrows he would get to have. (the arrows were without points)

We went with the neighborhood kids again this year, which was fun. Oliver was able to keep with the big kids most of the time, as you know, he thinks he is six years old. Collin hung back with us (or, really, we hung back with him). He was all for the candy though, completely understood it. Just went at his normal "Collin pace."

Here are some of the neighborhood kids, before heading out for Trick or Treating...
Overall, a good night!

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