Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ethan's Sixth Birthday - The Family Party

We had Ethan's family birthday party in mid December; it was, as you might guess, Star Wars themed.

I made a light saber cake for the occasion. Despite my thoughts on just how easy it would be, after all it's just a long thing simple looking thing, it was not easy. I forgot about how cake edges that have been cut do not like icing... or like it so much that it takes huge chunks of cake with it every time you drag the knife of icing across. The remedy? Sending Steve to the store for three more containers of icing *and pronto!*... yep, this baby is one giant slab of green icing, on one little cake. So, yes, it goes against everything I normally stand against with the kids: tons of sugar and food coloring. *Sigh* But you only turn six once.

It's not my best work, as I did not have time for details since I had the icing crisis of 2010, but the birthday boy loved it and that's all that matters.

Here are some photo highlights of the party...
Ethan with his cousin Isaac, whom he adores.

Check out the smile on his face...

Grandma Dee's birthday is right before Ethan's so we always have a dual party. Here is a photo that everyone (who is doing it) hates to have posted... blowing out the candles. Sorry, I love the faces, and have to post those photos!

The birthday people:

Happy boy opening gifts...

Oliver getting some love from Papa, with Aunt Amanda looking on.

Collin helping cousin Samantha rock. He really likes her; it's pretty cute.

The boys putting together a Lego Star Wars ship, with the help of Uncle Kurt.

The cousins, and grandma, playing Star Wars Trouble.
The best photo of all the attempts at a group shot at the very, very end of the night... you know, the best time to try to take a photo, when the kids are tired and coming off a huge sugar high... NOT. If only I would remember such things BEFORE the end of the night (and when the entire family was there). BTW Steve... nice...

The party was a lot of fun and Ethan was very happy to share this day with his family. To our family far away, we wish you could have come too... actually, we just wish you lived closer.
Happy birthday Ethan and Grandma Dee!

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