Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ethan's Celebrate Me Day

At Ethan's kindergarten, the month of December is filled with "Celebrate Me" days where one child a day gets to talk all about themselves... basically.

On Ethan's Celebrate Me day, Steve, Grandma Kathy and I attended. Ethan had to fill a shoebox with things that represented his likes, hobbies, favorite things, etc. He also drew a life size image of himself (with daddy's help).

In Ethan's box were... take a wild guess... Star Wars figures and Star Wars Legos... of course. He also brought with him a photo album that I made of family members for him when he was a baby, some other photos, a trophy from soccer, a plastic pizza piece (to say he loves pizza), shells from FL and the map of the Magic Kingdom. After he went through all that, the class got to ask him questions. It's pretty funny to hear the questions (and repeats) that kindergartners ask!

Here are some photos of his moment in the spotlight...

Grammy Kathy, Steve and Ethan right before the spotlight on Ethan.

After he was done, Ethan along with the kids that sit at his table went out to the hall and cut out the life size drawing of him.

And here is the little ham in front of himself... wearing his goofy smile.

Ethan did a great job, especially since he is so shy. What made me laugh was at one point he was asked a question which he needed to ponder apparently. He crossed his legs, put his finger on his chin, rolled his eyes up a little (to ponder), repeated the question and then said "...hmmmmm, let me think about that..." then answered. Maybe you had to see it, but it was so funny/cute/grown up all at the same time.

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