Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lunch with heroes...

Super Heroes that is.

We took the boys to have lunch with Batman and friends the Saturday before Halloween. This event was at the zoo. It was lunch and also a little skit put on by Batman, Robin and the Joker. It was a little, well, cheesy. But the kids seemed to enjoy it.

After the skit, we were able to get photos with Batman and Robin, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. They had a blast! And I got a little treat too... read on...

Batman and Robin:

It cracks me up because we have a couple photos of this and in all Ethan's head is held high... like he is among those of his own stature.

Face caricatures were included and super cute:

Wonder Woman:
I think I have six photos of them with Wonder Women (bless the patient people waiting) because I could not get Collin to stop looking at her lasso... I'm pretty sure that's what he was looking at...

Green Lantern:

Funny story on Green Lantern: Backing up to coming to the lunch - it was kind of a hectic morning and I might have forgot a couple things... little things... you know, like the tickets and um, my zoo pass. No big deal. AUGH! Though time was tight given the extra steps to get in, we still made it in time. As we approached the entrance of the lunch, I was a little panicked about not having the tickets and told the lady that when it was our turn. She told me not to worry, that they had a list, we were on it and to "Enjoy! Green Lantern is for you." I didn't think anything of what she said as my sole mission was getting us in and getting decent seats. However, once Green Lantern came out, after the show... her words repeated in my head. "Uh wow... ohhhh, now I get it... and... W.O.W."

I'm sorry boys, it is clear mommy's head was other places... Oliver's mask is all askew in all the photos (in this one his left eye is completely under the mask and the bottom of the mask is midway through his right eye) and Ethan's bow is in his face... both are things I would always fix before photos... um, when there isn't a ... well just look at him!
And this one was clearly not taken of the kids at all... and I didn't realize I had even done that... consciously at least... honest...

Well... the lady at the entrance did say "Enjoy! Green Lantern is for you".

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Gotfam said...

Holy big-muscled wonder woman! I feel like she could kick all of the other super heros butts!!

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