Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not now...

Collin, by far our orneriest child, likes to take things and hide them. In his defense, sometimes he puts the items away where they belong and sometimes he puts them in what he deems to be a "safe place"... sometimes though, we truly believe he is just screwing with us. Normally, when asked, he will show you where he put them. Tonight about eight pieces of Ethan's Star Wars puzzle, that was put together on the kitchen table, were mysteriously missing. All indications pointed to Collin (again, refer to first sentence).

As we were eating dinner, I said "Collin where did you put Ethan's puzzle pieces?"

Collin responded simply, "I don't know. I eating right now."

I asked again and he responded once more, "I eating right now."

I'm going with 'screwing with us' on this one...

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