Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fat lip, Santa and Suckers...

What do all three have in common? They happened today.

On our way to see Santa, Collin fell in the parking lot and got his first fat lip. A big first fat lip as a matter of fact. It was a rough 10 minutes or so, but after that it didn't bother him. Instead we diverted his attention by visiting the Disney Store, as you know one of his few favorite things is Mickey!

This is much later and after his Santa treat.

After that, we headed to Santa.

What did they ask for?

Ethan: Star Wars stuff, a rock set, science kits, books and world peace. okay, I made the last one up, but he did say if he got something he already had he wanted to give it to a boy who didn't have any presents... that's a start...

Oliver: Super Hero Squad (as in anything Super Hero Squad... period.)

Collin: Mickey Mouse and a big kitchen (as in the play variety, however maybe Santa will misunderstand and bring all of us a bigger kitchen... that would be good too!)

Santa gave them each a sucker after he spoke to them, which thrilled me more than I can say (yes, you know the tone). Since it was too late, it was in their hands, and Collin was staring at me with his giant fat lip... I just opened the packages and let them go. Yes, I am saying... this was Collin and Oliver's first time eating a sucker. What? Is that child abuse? Collin didn't even know what to do with it... I had to tell him to lick it. Before we could even tell Oliver, he had taken a huge bite of it (it was one of those semi hard ones)... he was like the tootsie pop turtle... three licks and eat it... it was gone that fast. Collin's on the other hand lasted over an hour... as he savored every lick of his red delight. Ethan was somewhere in the middle.

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Anonymous said...

They will survive the sucker! Sounds like an eventful day. The picture turned out great.

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