Sunday, December 19, 2010


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At the beginning of October, the boys had a dentist appointment. This is notable because it was the twin's first appointment (and because I think it all firsts... okay sometimes seconds and thirds and, and, and... are notable).

For Ethan is was not his first time. He did great, as he has done before. However, we did discover in the x-rays that his front top teeth are HUGE (I'm serious) and that his lateral incisors were in fact going to come in behind his central incisors. I don't mean behind as in after, I mean behind as in literally behind them. As it turns out, his palette is not very big and most of his current baby teeth are right on top of each other now. Though his palette will expand some, like everyone's does, they feel he is going to need some assistance in this area... "but we will deal with it when they come in". Yippee!

As for the twins, Oliver did great as we knew he would. That child would basically let you poke or prod anything while he laid there with a smile on his face. It's amazing.
Collin, on the other hand, well... not so much. He fought it. If I was the dental hygienist, I would have needed a drink after dealing with him. In fact I did need a drink after the appointment!

The favorite part? The "prizes" of course. Each picked one Silly bandz, a bug and a sticky hand things (which were conveniently *cough* "lost").

I have to say, our dentist office, everyone in it, is just amazing. Amazing. They are an office for children only and though many have been there a long time, they have patience like no one I have ever met. They show the kids everything they are going to do, let them "play" with the tools, go slowly, talk gently and never ever lose their cool. I do not know how they do it. They are amazing.

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