Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Apple picking and the making of a man...

In mid October I took the boys apple picking by myself. Steve was trying to knock out some projects and I needed to get our annual fill of Fuji apples (which last forever!) and also some organic apples for applesauce.

At the organic orchard (love this place!). Collin decided it was too hot and therefore he need the bag on his head.

After this, we went to the orchard with Fuji apples. All the trees were about bare in the part of the orchard we first directed us to, and only the tops had apples. Well, without Steve, that was an issue. I couldn't be up in a tree and leave Collin "the runner/escapee" alone... yes, that is the only reason as I am sure I can climb a tree (stop laughing). As I was thinking out loud on what to do, Ethan said "I can climb the tree mom!" At first I was thinking... hmmmm not sure about this. Ethan has become more fearless lately, but coordinated is not necessarily one of his many strong things. However he said it again confidently, as he started to climb a tree... and up he went... much to my surprise... and a little fear.

The funniest/cutest thing about this was he was so proud of himself. When he got to the top of the first tree, and started "handing" me down apples, he let out a few laughs and whoops in pride. He even said "we got the best apples because some woman's son was brave enough to climb the tree." (I'm still laughing about that one... "some woman's son..." only Ethan...)

My attempt at getting a cute photo in the huge chair at orchard... didn't work so well (in any of the twenty shots I tried...).

That day, as he climbed at least a dozen trees to ensure his family had the food they were seeking, it was clear a little part of Ethan started to find his inner "man" and I couldn't have been more proud (and humored).

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Anonymous said...

Some woman's son certainly is becoming a little man!

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