Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kid's Space

We took the boys to COSI today. They had a blast in the Kid's Space area which, for those of you who haven't been there, is a giant kid fun house! All of it centered around science in some way of course. It's hard to say the favorites, they loved it all.

The twins really enjoyed this ball area, which had holes with air rushing up on which you could suspend a ball. Collin loved pushing this cart of balls around and also playing with the bead curtain that made noise when you touched it.
Oliver ran from one thing to another like a kid in a candy store not knowing what to do next. He really enjoyed the water area... he was soaked afterwards but didn't care one bit (mental note: bring change of clothes next time - raincoats provided were useless).
Ethan was a lot like Oliver, running all over to try and touch everything. He did really enjoy building with the big legos a lot and built this big house.
Though all three were very quiet and relaxed in the car on the way home, not one fell asleep. Oliver, in fact, refused to nap at all today. We're hoping though that this fun active day translates to a solid night sleep for all with no waking!

By the way, someone mentioned to me that you can add links to Shutterfly albums. Though I knew about adding web links, I didn't realize that you could randomly share albums (thanks Amy V. for being my guinea pig!). So, you will now notice below the "blog archive" on the right there is now a title for Shutterfly albums. I added the one of COSI just for fun. This has all the photos from the day.


Amy Villwock said...

Great pictures (Shutterfly too)! Cameron loved COSI, maybe we can all go together sometime...perhaps when Cameron is walking (or sooner).

Tricia said...

Jonah loves COSI! It takes me forever to get him away from the big metal dinosaur. Great pics.

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