Thursday, March 12, 2009

The joy of Scholastic

Okay, so who remembers Scholastic book order forms from school? I used to love them. I would curl up on the sofa and look at them over again and again, carefully picking out the books I HAD to have.
Ethan's preschool sends home Scholastic orders. Turns out he loves them as much as I did. Of course Ethan LOVES books period, so it's no big surprise. Tonight, he sat on the sofa with crayon in hand and perused the forms.
I told him to pick out a couple books that he really wanted from the forms they sent home. The entire time he was looking he had comments on why he needed to have each book. And by each book... well... look for yourself...
And that was just the front cover of one of the six forms they sent home. Let's just say, he needed a new crayon half way through the forms.

And yes, my four year old son circled the Hannah Montana book - The Inside Scoop. If you are wondering his reasoning... well you know... "I love Hannah Montana mom, I'm a rock star just like her." You can't tell he has a teenage sister, can you?

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