Sunday, March 15, 2009

Four birthdays and...

A lot of chaos! We had a family birthday party for Lauren this weekend, which also included the three other birthdays from this month - Amy, Steve and Krissy. Since the little ones have arrived (both Amy and Mike's three and ours), family get togethers have been a lot more crazy, but also a lot more laughs!

I am a little disappointed by the photos in that I really didn't get many good ones of Lauren or the other birthday people. Here are the shots that I did get of the birthday girl (that I was allowed to post):

Blowing out the candles:
With Pappy Steve: Credit cards are a girl's best friend:

Sadly, I have no good photos of the other birthday people. Both Steve and Krissy are included in shots, but are either behind someone or with their back to the camera. And Amy apparently ducked out of the photos. I have part of her body - and the rest of her looks to be puposely hidden behind someone else. What's up with that? It's not like I post photos of people on the internet or anything. Oh wait... well, regardless...

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