Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ethan is reading...

Ethan has just started "bag books" at school. These are little early reading books that come home in a ziploc bag (I am sure you figured that out, huh?) that the kids are to read it until they've mastered, then bring it back to read the teacher and get a new book. Ethan has always loved books and still does. He has been on the verge of reading for a while. So when he brought home his first book, he couldn't have been more excited to read it.

He actually did great right out of the gate with his first book, which I forgot to video before he turned in (no mommy guilt there... okay massive amounts...) for his new book. The video below if him reading his second book. We are not sure why the video camera made him read it "choppy" but he still did great!

He is super proud of himself. We are talking not the least bit of humility, he out right boasts about the fact that he is a "super reader". Because it's all about confidence in this stage of the game, and he's going to clearly move up to the next level (C - a harder level) very soon, we are just letting him boast. We love his excitement about reading and that he is so proud. Okay... that and the fact we hope that he can read his own Star Wars and Super Hero reference books (yes - reference books, not just stories) soon... they are so boring... but he has to know every little detail about everyone.

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Amy said...

Great Job, Ethan!

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