Monday, November 22, 2010

Apple picking!

Okay, yes, this is old. How old? Um... Labor Day weekend. I know... seriously, life is crazy right now, but I am determined to catch up with photos and stories soon! So, you'll be seeing some old and new news coming soon.

Over Labor Day weekend we took the boys apple picking. Honestly, I love fall. I love, love, love, love fall. September through December is my favorite time of the year actually, between the cooler temps, the fall activities and then of course the spill over into all the holidays. It's just a fun time of the year and so many fun things to do. Apple picking is definitely a favorite of ours - we go at least four or five times in the fall.

For this venture we tried out a new (to us) orchard that was all organic. It was beautiful! We felt like we were picking apples in someone's backyard, and in fact we were, the owner's. It was a decent sized orchard but so peaceful and non commercial in every aspect. There were only a few other families there with us, but it seemed like we were all alone. There was also a little pond to add to the overall ambiance. The apples, since they were organic, were definitely were not pretty, but instead had many blemishes. However they tasted great and we loved it! I ran home and made some organic pink applesauce (from the bright red apples).

Not far from this orchard was a local ice cream factory that we decided to visit. The factory, naturally, was not running, but we could see the work area. They had some great play sets, we ate lunch, had ice cream (of course) and fed the ducks.

It was a fun fall day!

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Anonymous said...

I am sad we only went out once this year. Looks like the boys had a fun day.

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