Saturday, November 27, 2010


You might remember the boys got a Butterfly Habitat from the Easter Bunny this year and I just got around to ordering the caterpillars for it in September. (I told you, it's just warp speed crazy here.)

I love the whole concept of this - teaching them the life cycle live and in person. It was fun to watch them crawl around, make their chrysalis and come out butterflies.

I somehow forgot to take photos of the caterpillars going into their new habitat, but here is their chrysalis transfer to the habitat. Yes, we had some masked men show up for the occasion.

And just as exciting to let them free.

Ethan: "Fly little guys... I know you can do it!"

Oliver: "They're so cute. Fly little!"

Collin: "Fy witle uys... fy! Bye, bye!"

And then for weeks, whenever we saw a butterfly they would talk to it as if it was one of their friends, still hanging out in our yard.

I can't wait to do it again in the spring.

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The Kothe Clan said...

Where did you get this? Great idea!

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