Monday, April 4, 2011

Playing with THE super heroes...

Oliver loves playing super heroes. Loves it. He will dress up in one of his many costumes or cape and mask sets and run through the house (with or without his brothers) on super hero missions.

Yesterday, after church, was no exception, however he had a new set of super heroes with whom he was running his missions. Here are some of the things we overhead Oliver saying on these missions (while running throughout the house):

"Jesus, you with me? It's over here!"

"Come with me Jesus, we gotta keep moving!"

And things like that (those are the two I remember clearly).

He would also stop and talk to God periodically.

"God, are you up there?"

"What are you doing God?"

Again, these are the two I remember the best.

We thought it was cute and funny at the same time, and a little heart warming too. You also have to wonder what exactly it was that they spoke about during Sunday school yesterday (I am so going to ask next week... and maybe sit in... clearly it was some good stuff!). Whatever it was, it's clear that it was very compelling to Oliver as he has a new set of heroes... THE ultimate super heroes actually.


Anonymous said...

I still love the sidecake comment.


Carrie H said...

That's awesomme! Aren't you glad they were paying attention in Sunday School? Who better to have as a superhero than Jesus?

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